School Library services can make on students literary and learning outcomes. It creates a positive impact on the minds of students. Our school library provides a positive learning atmosphere which is very useful in understanding various subjects.

Science Laboratory

Laboratory experiences provide opportunities for students to interact directly with the material world. Students get a first-hand learning experience by performing various experiments on their own.

Computer Lab

Technology provides knowledge at the fingertips. A full-fledged computer lab including 23 computer systems with a high-speed internet facility is providing here.


Smart Class Room

Smart classes use all interactive modules like videos and presentations and these visually attractive methods of teaching become appealing to students who are already struggling with the traditional method of teaching in a classroom. To enhance the learning experiences among students we are providing smart classroom facilities to all classes.

Play Ground

Playing is the key to the physical, mental, intellectual and social well-being of children. It is the best time to inculcate values among children. For developing all these, school provides safe & better playground facilities.


Safe and Convenient Transportation system

For considering the safety of the students, we are providing convenient transportation facilities. 18 school buses are servicing around 25 KM radius. Experienced drivers and the dedicated Ayahas are always supportive to all students.



Yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices or disciplines. For the overall development of the students we are continuously providing yoga classes to all the students.A sufficient yoga hall has been arranged for practicing yoga.

Mini Auditorium

An auditorium is an inevitable part of an institution for organizing different programmes.We have such an acoustical designed auditorium, for performing arts and other programmes.


Student Counselling

Our student counsellor always works with students, parents and teachers to help the students succeed academically, socially, as well as emotionally.  Our counsellor provides emotional guidance and support in building their career.  Our faculty is always available to help them individually as well as in small groups.

Nursing Assistance

For us, the health of our students is our primary concern. We have a medical room for giving First-aid in emergency situations where qualified nursing service is available.

Atal Tinkering Lab

Atal Tinkering Lab (ATL) is a grand project under the Atal Innovation Mission of the Govt. of India.  ATL is the Flagship initiative of AIM, the Govt. of India to nurture an innovative mindset among students.  The objective of ATL is to foster curiosity, creativity and innovative skills in younger generation.  Fortunately, our school was selected while introducing this scheme.  In this, students can experiment with knowledge, try to reschedule or convert the theoretically knowledge into practical level.

Play School

In order to build a bridge between home & school, as a preparatory stage of schooling, we introduced Sreeramakrishna Play School in our campus.  All facilities are provided here.  The age eligibility criteria for Pre-KG is between    2 ½ - 3 ½ years.  We are following play way method to inculcate everything.  Truly, this is the transition period from preschool – KG.