Our school is running under Vivekananda Educational & Cultural Charitable Trust, Kodakara.

The trust was registered under the Indian Trust Act in the year 1994 bearing Regn No. 91/4/1994. Vivekananda Educational & Cultural Charitable Trust is a well-known educational, cultural and charitable trust at Kodakara in Thrissur Dist. of Kerala.  It is purely run on charitable contributions.  At present 5 schools, one hostel, and one Balasadanam are functioning under the Trust.




The equation behind the expanding boundary of success is the pioneering efforts of some great luminaries.  Their creative bent of mind, continues to evoke awe and admiration among all by reflecting the depth of soulful hard work and commitment.  Their commitment and diligence have always been the fortitude of our school.




 Ragesh C. Manager

  K.R. Vijayalekshmi Principal